Do you need a lash lift and tint or lash extensions? The TRUTH!

Do you need a lash lift and tint or lash extensions? The TRUTH!

Women these days rarely have any trouble finding the perfect solution for their beauty problems. Whether it’s getting the new innovative facial, smart-lipo at lunch time or darker, longer lashes within an hour! Thousands of women and even celebrities have ditched their favorite mascaras and have opted for a new lash treatment – the ultimate lash lift and tint. If you thought perming your lashes was the safest and easiest way, then read on more to find out what this fabulous technique can do to make your eyes pop.

A lash lift is literally what is sounds like-your lashes are curled and lifted and stay put in the same direction anywhere between two to three months. And if that’s not all, the technician tints the curled lashes to define the shape and add definition to your eyes. And voila- long, dramatic and curled lashes. Sounds like a dream, right? No chemicals or parabens are used in the process making it a safe and healthy way to add drama to your beautiful eyes. 

Another benefit of a lash lift and tint is that it’s extremely time saving considering the fact that you won’t have to struggle with layers of mascara in the morning or nailing the perfect smokey eye. Skip the liner and glitter as your curled and lifted dark lashes will steal the spotlight.

Now here’s where many women ponder what the difference is between a lash lift and tint and lash extensions. They’re both universally flattering, time-saving and safe ways to add dimension to the face. So, what does a gal choose? The major difference between these two treatments is that a lash lift simply curls and lifts your own lashes without adding extra volume and drama, whereas with lash extensions you get to choose the style, shape, length and volume of the extensions that is played on your eyelids. You consult with the technician on the type of lashes you would like to add and the rest is history. You’re free to choose from a very natural to an extra glamorous look when opting for lash extensions. Some of the downsides are the fact that a refill is needed after a good twenty days, sleeping on your stomach is a big no-no and don’t even think about rubbing your eyes with your fingers. The oil on our fingertips may easily break down the glue causing the lashes to slowly fall apart. Mascara, eyeshadow and glitter is also not recommended as removing them at night can cause the lashes to break down faster. There are many factors to consider when it comes to getting lash extensions and safety is key! Make sure you notify the technician if you have any allergies to certain products that may affect the eye area.

The verdict? If you’re willing to go with a natural and mascara-free look for a few months with tinted lashes, then definitely consider a safe and easy lash lift and tint. Want to look a tad bit dramatic and achieve a sassy cat-eye? Then go the extra mile and get them lash extensions in. We love and recommend both depending on your beauty preferences and lifestyle. Tell us what you think in the comments below!