Lily SkinCare

Lily SkinCare Collection provides a line of skin care products that are formulated with the Power of Green Tea Polyphenols, Vitamin C and Glycolic-Salicylic Acid.

The medicinal powers of green tea to cure a wide variety of ailments have been documented for thousands of years. The Lily SkinCare line is specially formulated with green tea polyphenols (GTP) – the most potent antioxidant known and the subject of numerous studies describing skin protective, beautifying and related skin care benefits.

Enjoy a healthier complexion using the power of nature’s Vitamin C which plays a vital role in maintaining a more youthful appearance of skin. Studies suggest that Vitamin C has the potential to stimulate the growth of collagen, which is important in maintaining healthy skin elasticity and texture.

Gentle, pH balanced Glycolic-Salicylic Acid based treatments help to transform skin health for a beautiful complexion. Ultra-pure cosmetic grade Glycolic Acid provides exfoliation while the comedolytic properties of Salicylic Acid USP, 2% unclogs pores and delivers acne therapy for a lasting, flawless complexion.

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