Organic Spray Tanning

Spray tanning has become a popular trend nowadays for those who want a perfect tan but fear excess UVB or sun exposure, and yet distaste the stains and streaks caused by tanning creams and lotions that have flourished the market. Unlike tanning creams, spray tanning provides great results with minimal side effects. Spray tanning is also instant and can be customized.

20 Minute Session, $50 for full body.

For inquiries, details or appointment booking, please call: 610-489-6148.


 What is the benefits of spray tanning? 

Sure it decreases the risk of skin cancer, but did you realize that sun increases the risk of losing your youthful looking skin too? Hours of sun exposure causes painful burning of the skin, if not using the appropriate coverage, which leads to sun spots and wrinkling.

Aviva Tanning Solutions is what we use at Lily Laser & Beauty for our spray tanning product. Aviva products are water-based solutions with no oil added, which allows for quick drying and no stains left on your clothes or sheets. Once applied, it quickly seeps into the skin and dries almost instantly. Aviva Solutions are also all natural, fragrance-free, alcohol-free, and even hypoallergenic.

How long its take to spray tan?

It is fast – in only 15 minutes you can go from being pale and white to having a deep bronzed tan, and our rapid two hour formula means that you can shower after just two hours, while your tan continues to develop.


Spray tanning allows you to do that and it shows up immediately. It allows for you to maintain that summer/beach glow all winter with a safer method than laying out in the sun or a tanning bed. So, the next time you want to consider a little winter or summer glow, consider Organic Spray Tanning at Lily Laser & Beauty!