Make Mother’s Day about Her This Year: Spa Membership Special!

Make Mother’s Day about Her This Year: Spa Membership Special!

Still racking your brains trying to think of the perfect gift for mom? Once again Mother’s Day is right around the corner ladies and gents! While most of the efforts of our mother’s get taken for granted year-round it’s nice to take the opportunity to really give her a gift for her. Many holidays like Christmas or Easter, moms get stuck with general gifts that can be useful around the house or generic presents. But what if you could really focus on treating her? This Mother’s Day, find pampering and peace of mind at our sweet spot. (Or, hint hint, send this link to someone who might want to know what to get you for Mother’s Day that isn’t, you know, a scarf.) You know you deserve it!

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Don’t Think, Just Pamper

Any way you slice it, the best way to celebrate the woman you love is to make it memorable!! Moms are beautiful and amazing people, they deserve to be reminded of that fact. This year, why not try a spa treatment! There’s no better way of saying, “Don’t worry about the house” or “I’ll get the dishes” than giving her a ticket to the best pampering she’s ever had. A spa treatment will allow her to have a break from the everyday fussing about and moreover let her feel rejuvenated and relaxed. After all, when you’re a mother, there is nothing more precious than peace and quiet, a little ‘me time’, and some one-on-one attention.

Extend the Luxury – Try  Spa Membership

In fact, why not take it one step further and consider a spa membership! This way Cinderella’s dreamy day doesn’t turn into a pumpkin and disappear with the holiday. Instead, she can space out the appointments and frequent the salon for a treatment as she pleases. Can’t go wrong with that!

Mother’s Days Special

At Lily Laser & Beauty, we’ve put together a few special packages in honor of the patron saint of all our homes! Whether your mother or your wife, this lovely lady is the one that makes everything come together. And so we offer a 6 month membership + 1 month (free value of 105$) or a 12 month membership + 2 month (free value of 210$). You can book online and visit our website to see what membership includes. Sauna, detox, facials, body treatments, spray tans, or teeth whitenings – you name it, we offer it! (Oh, and not to forget that membership also comes with a 10% discount on all products. This makes sure that you can take a little piece of paradise home with you.) With our Standard, Professional, and Exclusive packages, we’ll be sure to match the lovely lady to the pampering best for her.

Lily Laser & Beauty wishes all the moms a happy day on May 13. Our staff stands ready, willing and able to pampering the women who make your house a home 🙂