Men who seek aesthetic treatment

Men who seek aesthetic treatment

For the longest time, only women were benefiting for aesthetic treatments. But now it is no secret that the number of men seeking aesthetic treatment is drastically growing. Self-image and what you project to others is all about taking care of yourself. Whether it’s a facial and quick hair laser removal, now men are all for it! When it comes to aesthetic treatment, men have multiple options to choose from.

Why laser hair removal and what to expect:

Fast and quick results. Laser has become the most convenient way to get rid of unwanted hair on body areas. The most problematic area for men is the neck due to shaving. Laser slows down the hair growth and makes shaving easier and faster! Our laser hair removal system works on a lower setting that will make your experience comfortable and pain-free. Irritation such as acne, bumps, discoloration, and in-grown hair can easily be prevented. Since the laser’s energy destroys the hair follicles the hair does not come back. Laser hair removal also appeals to men who are uncomfortable with back, chest, stomach, cheeks, and ear hair.

Why Facials Treatments are essential for men:

Women are not the only ones who want to look young and attractive! Men are now more willing to work on bettering their appearance. Men who have a regular shaving routine develop razor burns and other forms of irritation. Hence, a facial is exactly what you need. From cleansing, exfoliation, steam to extractions, we have them all. Facials treatments will deeply cleanse and calm the irritated skin.

Anti-aging Facial: 

There are facials for everyone! A lot of men are seeking ways to look young and fresh. Our Micro-needling facials will promote collagen to reduce wrinkles and stretch marks. Another facial is the 7 step Gentlemen Facial to prevent signs of aging.  

Saggy skin? Radio Frequency to The Rescue:

Men usually prefer having natural results rather than making them look like they’ve done something to their face. Radio frequency technology is a non-surgical facial treatment that will tighten your skin without damaging the top layer. Radio Frequency deals with body toning and cellulite reduction as well.

Struggling with Acne? Here are our acne treatments:

Not everyone understands their skin type. If you are not sure what skin conditions you have, we offer a free consultation with a mini facial. Patients with dry skin need a facial to hydrate their skin, but what about oily skin patients? Our service includes treatments for patients with excessive oily skin; pore tightening and shine control. Men are known to produce more oil; therefore, a facial will reduce the oil and minimize pore size. Acne usually occurs on patients who have oily skin, making it a habitable place for bacteria to grow. Due to acne, a lot of teenagers and men struggle with self-image issues. Our facials, such as Led Light, Micro-needling, and acne treatment, will not only treat your acne, but also hydrate and give elasticity to your skin but will also boost your confidence.