This facial will help to clear blackheads, whiteheads, and oiliness associated with teen acne.

1. Book A Consultation

Book a consultation at a skincare facility, with skincare professional under the supervision of a medical professional.

2. Get Advice

During the skincare consultation at LILY LASER skincare facility, seek out advice for treatments and home care products that will treat your teen’s specific issues.

3. Get Skincare Treatments

If you’re dealing with teenage boys, it’s best to choose the correct words. While teenage girls may enjoy a trip to the spa for a facial, teenage boys may want to avoid that. Either way, be sure your teens seek out a skincare treatment on a regular basis.

4. Select Quality Skincare Products

There are so many choices on the skincare market. We will make sure you select quality products that are going to treat your teen’s skin in the most effective manner.

5. Get A Daily Routine

So often the solution to teenage acne can be as simple as the daily use of quality skincare products combined with spot use of special treatment products as needed. At LILY LASER we can help you to create a daily and an as needed skincare routine for your teen.

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