Product Spotlight: Vitamin C Pro Collagen Brightening Serum

Product Spotlight: Vitamin C Pro Collagen Brightening Serum

“Vitamin C Pro Collagen Brightening Serum” with our Facialist Shana Renzi- Lily Laser Product Spotlight Series ?

Check out this video to learn more about our Lily Laser Vitamin C Pro Collagen Brightening Serum. This lightweight, hydrating, potent serum is an excellent companion product to your daily sunscreen, as vitamin C boosts the efficacy of sunscreen. This product also:

? Evens & brightens skin tone
? Smooths skin texture
? Defends against free radical damage and environmental stressors
?Helps to keep pores clear
? Induces collagen production.

This product also contains an antioxidant blend of emblica, coenzyme Q10, vitamin E, and superoxide dismutase.

These ingredients provide further support to skin health and the first three listed here also soothe skin, making this serum appropriate for all skin types including sensitive.

Gluten/oil/fragrance/paraben free and retails for $98.

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