Why Men in Sports Shave their Hair?

Why Men in Sports Shave their Hair?

Laser hair removal is great for men. The most common area that men get laser hair removal are on the chest, stomach, neck, back and arms. Though you can do it on many different parts of the body. For those that are active, hair removal is very helpful and will allow you to be quicker and faster.

Being a swimmer it is very helpful to be without hair. Hair on your legs and arms can slow you down and in competition you want to make sure you have all the advantage possible to win.

There are other athletic pursuits that are better done without hair and this is why you would remove hair on your legs. Male Bikers or cyclists usually shave their legs. If you get any injuries or cuts it is easier to treat wounds and prevent infection when there is no hair in the affected area. During tick season it is also very helpful to not have hair so that you can visibly see where the tick bites are.

Even body-builders remove hair from there body during their competition season to be more aesthetically pleasing and show more of their muscle definition.

Before laser you should clip hair, then shave, and then laser. If you get laser burns there is a product here at Lily Laser that can quickly help repair the skin. Despite many views on men removing hair, it is painless and beneficial to do laser rather than shaving. It removes the risk of razor bumps and ingrown hair on the skin. Lily Laser provides painless affordable hair removal for men!